When is the Right Time to Use a Decorator

Mention the word decorator and most people think that means spending a lot of money. Just the opposite could be true if you start at the right time with an interior designer. Whether you are building a new house or remodeling an existing home the time to start with a designer is at the beginning when you are talking to builders, architects and remodelers. A designer can help with the details of interior and exterior finishes and also help keep you on the path to accomplish the look you want. Designers can also help control costs.

The first step in choosing a designer is to interview them. Set up appointments with designers whose work you have seen and liked, recommendations from friends, and designers affiliated with professional organizations such as the American Society of Interior designers. Professional designers should be happy to give a list or referrals and show photos of past work. The most important aspect of working with a designer is that you choose one that you like and are comfortable with. Your relationship with the designer becomes very close as they want to help you choose the right finishes and furniture to create your home environment.

When you choose a designer to work with bring lots of pictures of styles and looks that appeal to you. Start a new home portfolio. This is very helpful in developing your home style. Also be honest about your budget. Designers are grateful if you are honest about the amount of money available and a good designer will be creative enough to put together your look for any amount in the budget. Being honest about your budget will also save you money in that your designer isn’t shopping in a price range that you are not comfortable with and than will have to go back and start again in a different range.

Finding the right designer and signing the contract can be a wonderful experience and you may even wonder why you ever thought about not working with one.

Written by Kim Fancher
Kim is the owner of Kim Fancher Design and Stitch 'n Tyme