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Week Ending 11/12/23

Hello Team,

This week was filled with exciting events! Mike Hanselman from Listen Up provided class instruction on Wednesday, offering valuable insights to our students. Additionally, Wednesday evening marked the SCBA's fundraiser and silent auction for the Careers in Construction program, generously sponsored by I Furnish. All attendance fees and proceeds from the silent auction were donated to the CIC program. I'm thrilled to announce that donations and funds raised exceeded $15,000, doubling the amount raised at last year's event. More specifics will follow.

We had a fantastic turnout with over 85 attendees, including three special guests: Tony Byrd, Summit County School Superintendent, and our very own Oakley and Doug Blake. Glenn Hard and Sydney White from The Careers in Construction team in Colorado Springs also joined us.

A special thank you goes to Carolanne and Val for orchestrating this successful event, as well as to all the donors who contributed.

On Thursday evening, Oakley was awarded "Educator of the Year" by the Summit Foundation at their annual Philanthropy Awards event. This recognition is well-deserved, and many of Oakley's students were present to celebrate his achievement. Oakley took the opportunity to highlight how the SCBA has collaborated with the Careers in Construction program to teach students trade skills, emphasizing our vital role in the program.

As the saying goes, "a rising tide lifts all boats."

The Tiny Home and tool trailers arrived this past Friday and are now located adjacent to the shop class. The Construction Tech 2 class, along with Oakley, Doug, Tony, Nick, Carolanne, Rick, and Heath, were in attendance. Additionally, the Breckenridge Building Center delivered the lumber pack. Pictures of the arrival are attached below.

The Tiny Home project is set to commence this week. Rick Fout has generously volunteered to be the project lead for the program. If you have time to spare and would like to help with the program, please reach out to Rick. We have received the trailer structural plans and hope to work on a framing layout this week. Thank you, Rick, for taking the lead on this project.

We anticipate plenty of projects this year, including the Spring school play set, which is expected to be rather elaborate and will require our assistance. Plans for this project are currently being drawn up.

Our next class is scheduled for November 15th with Xcel. Peter will be bringing his crew, and we always have great class participation during their sessions.

This Wednesday, we have a meeting with Jim Beckman, a member of the Summit Foundation Grants Committee, at the High School. We will attend the 9:15 am class together. The SCBA has applied for a grant from the Summit Foundation, and we look forward to discussing our application with Jim.

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