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Rick's Field Report 02/16/24

Fri-Day (2/16/24) At Da Tiny Home!

Happy Friday on a Monday All!

At least this was a Happy Friday for everyone at the Tiny Home!!

Paul’s BBQ Right Before The School Break!!! Burgers and Dogs W/All Da Fixins, Yum.

(We did do some work though, in the form of volunteer David Preaus of Creative Cabinetry measuring and speaking about the kitchen and bathroom cabinets he is designing and having built for us plus some of the in’s and out’s he is experiencing in the process, thank you - David! 

We also got a talk about fitting PV solar in our scope from volunteer Eric Westerhoff of Innovative Energy inside the home and then followed him out to his truck for a demo. Complete with a real, but small panel, an example of a safe secure cabinet with a battery, some actual solar controls, and a couple of spot lights that glowed from the power the panel was converting on the spot, thanks too Eric!)

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