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Rick's Field Report 11/17/24

Day Two of Framing Da Summit High Tiny Home

Hi Everyone,

Here are the pictures that I took of our very productive second day of framing - even our President Paul was able to get into the action, thanks Paul! And huge thanks to Heath Coffman, more than an expert framer, for starting us off right and teaching the kids a myriad of things, including being expeditious on site!

With Oakley and the Level-2 students, we laid out, built out, and stood up a few more walls, including one rake wall which all together is really starting to show off the overall form of what’s to come. Namely, first off - the roof section, which should be in place by Christmas or New Year's week at the latest, we’re hoping!

In fact, I’m beginning to reach out to roofers who may be interested in volunteering to teach the kids some drying-in skills and metal roofing skills as well, pretty quickly. Siding and window/door setting tradespeople will be the next ones to get my calls and requests for volunteers, with electrical, plumbing, and HVAC to follow!

Onward & Upward,


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