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Week Ending 04/14/24

Weekly Update: Significant Events Outside the Classroom

This week, class interactions were sparse due to high school testing. Despite this, several significant events took place outside the classroom.

  • SCBA Monthly Meeting (Wednesday, April 10th):At the SCBA monthly meeting, District School Superintendent Tony Byrd and SHS Co-Principal Doug Blake attended. They discussed the value and importance of the Careers in Construction program at the high school. County Commissioner Tamara Pogue also joined with County personnel to explore affordable housing opportunities. All expressed gratitude to SCBA members and volunteers for their support of the program and were impressed by the Tiny Home project. Special thanks to Xcel for allowing School District personnel a few minutes to speak.

  • Scholarship Presentation (April 3rd):On April 3rd, the Careers in Construction scholarship for the Mark McCrerey Memorial Scholarship was presented. Wyndham Pierpoint was awarded a 2-year scholarship of $2,000 per year for pursuing a career in the building trades. Wyn plans to enroll in trade school for welding and is currently interning at Infinity Welding after school. Additionally, two scholarships for the Steve Kertscher Memorial Scholarships were awarded by the SCBA to Carter Luetkens and Ricardo Baca. These scholarships are $1,000 per year for 2 years for further education/training in the trades.

  • SHS Job Fair (Friday, April 12th):A job fair was held for SHS students. Sydney White from CICC in Colorado Springs attended along with myself. We had the opportunity to talk with mostly freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, which was a great chance to promote the CIC program and Oakley's construction tech classes. Special thanks to Sydney for providing information flyers and great swag. Pictures attached.

Next week, school is out for Spring Break.

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