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Week Ending 04/28/24

Great Week with Students on the Tiny Home and Class Instruction

This week was incredibly productive for our students, both in hands-on work on the Tiny Home and in valuable class instruction.

  • Construction Progress: Over 35 sheets of drywall (donated by Pioneer Materials) were installed, taped, and mudded. A skip trowel finish was also applied. A Great Big Thank You to Juan Velasco and his crew; they spent the week with the students, starting on Monday. All three construction tech classes got to spend three classes each working on the drywall process, learning the art of applying tape and mud to the seams, sanding, and applying the textured finish. Juan and his crew finished up on schedule with a fantastic job in teaching and still getting the job done. Cabinets and interior painting are on the agenda for this week.

  • Class Instruction Highlights: Carolanne Powers, along with Elizabeth McBurney and Tony Basile (Carolanne's father, who was in town visiting), provided class instruction on Friday this week on job interviewing and resume writing. All students then participated in a practice interview session with each of the instructors. It was great fun and an enjoyable time. First-class job; thank you to Carolanne, Elizabeth, and Tony. Everyone enjoyed a hamburger and hot dog cookout with Juan and his crew.

  • Other Updates: Sydney White with CICC provided an excellent training handout. See attached. We are still on schedule to complete the Tiny Home by the end of the semester. BOCESS will start the process of offering the home for sale next week. I have attached a feature list. If you have some time, stop by; we will be working with classes on Wednesday and Friday.

Some pics attached.

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