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Week Ending 05/12/24

Another Positive Week of Progress for the Tiny Home as We Near Final Completion

This week, the engineered flooring was installed, and the quartz countertops for the kitchen and bath were set in place. The flooring was installed by Rama Timmons and Nate York, and the countertops by Kurt Sorensen. Pictures are attached.

Working with the students, Bill Duford and Pete Knowlton completed the trim-out for the wheel wells, which came out looking great. The bathroom alder door from BBC was received along with the base and case material. A light stain by painter Jim Grotemeyer added a great finished look.

Students working with and observing got to see how teamwork comes together to provide the finished product.

Next week, we are coming down the final stretch to the finish line. Appliances will be delivered on Wednesday, furnished by Al Zuckerman with Greer's Appliances. Tim Kunz will finish up the plumbing by installing the fixtures, hooking up the water lines, hot water heater, and waste drains. Will Devoy will be installing the Mini Split HVAC, with Bill Duford in charge of pulling it all together with the students and crew to have the Tiny Home ready for the Open House on Friday the 17th. Team lead, Rick Fout, is working to set up the final inspections for the electrical and plumbing to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy.

Carolanne and Val are working on the media coverage for the Open House event and have sent out press releases to various media outlets. Krystal93's Phil Lindeman has confirmed he will attend so far.

I hope you will attend the Open House and see the results of a tremendous amount of effort by the students and so many volunteers, which started in November 2023, to complete the Tiny Home. They worked at least two days a week for three hours a day for 22 weeks in all kinds of weather to make this happen. You will be impressed with the finished product that the students have constructed.


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