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Week Ending 01/20/24

It's been an eventful week for the Construction Technology (CT) students in the Careers in Construction program, despite a short week due to the holiday on Monday and a snow day on Tuesday.

Theater Stage Set Build:

The lumber for the theater stage set was delivered, and the CT 1 students wasted no time in getting to work. They started by laying out the material, checking the crown on each board, and cutting them to length. Plans for the stage set were completed by Michael Shult of Shult Architecture on short notice, and his work is greatly appreciated. Construction framing is set to begin this week, and architectural renderings for the Beauty and the Beast play set are attached for reference.

Tiny Home Construction Progress:

Progress on the tiny home construction continues to move forward. The sub fascia has been completed, and the fascia has been painted and is ready for installation next week. Wrapping the home in Tyvek began this week, with preparations made for window installations on Friday. Plans are in place to install the drip edge in preparation for installing the standing seam metal roof by the last week of the month. Interior framing for the loft area and utilities is also underway. Rick Fout, the team lead, is steering the project at a good pace, with a dedicated crew of students and volunteers.

Vendor Support and Classroom Instruction:

Carolanne Powers has been instrumental in securing support from Vantia Flooring, Brandon Bradley of Greer's Appliances, Al Zuckerman, and David Preaus of Creative Cabinetry for the finishes of the Tiny Home. Their willingness to help is greatly appreciated. Lane Mathison and Chad Rowe have organized a lineup of volunteer trades for classroom construction instruction. The first class, led by Jessica Koetteritz with Range West Inc., was a hands-on success. The students learned to use the equipment needed to lay out the beginning of any construction project, gaining valuable exposure to math concepts in the process. Jessica's efforts are commendable, and her contribution is sincerely appreciated.

Despite the challenges of a shortened week, the progress and dedication of the students, volunteers, and instructors are evident. The projects are moving ahead smoothly, thanks to the collaborative effort of everyone involved.

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