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SEPTEMBER 21, 22 & 28,29 2024

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Online Entry Form Submission:

  1. Access the online entry form HERE

  2. Fill out the form with the information gathered in the checklist above.

  3. Ensure all required fields are completed accurately.

  4. Submit the form and await further instructions regarding file uploads and additional information.

  5. For assistance with writing your home description, contact Mountain Living for support.

  6. For any questions or concerns, contact the Parade Committee for assistance.


  1. Contact Information: Gather contact details for the main and alternate contact persons, including company name, mailing address, phone number, email, and social media URLs.

  2. Entry Information: Prepare details about the entry, including the street address, town, subdivision/complex type of home (custom or speculative), type of construction (new or remodel), and current completion status.

  3. Single-Family Residence Details: Provide total square footage, garage square footage, estimated fair market price, construction cost per sqft, and current estimated land value.

  4. Multi-Family Residence Details: For multi-family entries, provide details for up to three units, including total square footage and fair market value for each unit.

  5. Remodel Entry Information (if applicable): For remodel entries, prepare all information needed for a single-family/multi-family (whichever is applicable). Additionally, provide the value of the remodel listed on the permit, whether you have architectural drawings, and a description of the work being done.

  6. Home Profile Information: Prepare a home profile, including written directions to the house, a Google Maps link, home highlights (up to 10), sponsors (list), vendors (contractor, developer, architect, interior designer, kitchen/bathroom designer, realtor, automation, lighting fixtures, and/or photographer), home description (200-300 words). Writing support is available from Mountain Living. Logos (Entrant, Sponsors, and Vendors) & home photography (Dropbox Link will be sent after entry submission for uploading files).

  7. Agreements: Review the event schedule, participation agreement, photography release, and rules and regulations of the Parade of Homes.


  • Make sure to complete the online entry form accurately and thoroughly to ensure your entry is processed efficiently.

  • Contact the Parade Committee for any clarifications or assistance needed during the submission process.


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The Summit County Builders Association is proud to partner with The Summit Foundation for ticket sales. The Summit Foundation is a trusted community organization providing leadership and resources to assist local working families and to help resolve critical community issues. A portion of the proceeds go to The Summit Foundation that  provides over $4.5 million annually to the Summit County community through grants to more than 100 nonprofit organizations and scholarships to over 175 students. Learn more about the foundation on their website here or make an impactful donation here.

VALID ALL 4 DAYS • SEPT 21/22 & SEPT 28/29





We are looking for volunteers to help us make our 2024 Parade of Homes a success!


Sign up to volunteer for our Parade of Homes and help us sell tickets for the event. Your volunteer shift will provide you with FREE admission to the Parade, on all 4 days: September 21/22 & 28/29. Working as a volunteer is a great way to meet members of your local Builders Association and help support the community.


Only ONE adult is needed per shift, but people may work in pairs if they would like.

Our ticket sales are supported by The Summit Foundation, The tickets sales for the Parade of Homes partially benefit The Summit Foundation, and will support their Grant & Scholarship programs. 

Sign up today and be part of the excitement of the 2024 Parade of Homes.




Thanks for submitting!



Q: Who is eligible to participate?

A: SCBA members in good standing are eligible for a member fee. Non-members can participate at the non-member fee. However, anyone with outstanding debt to the SCBA, including debt related to prior Parades, will not be eligible to participate.

Q: Are there discounts available for multiple entries?

A: Yes, second, third, etc. entries will receive a 10% discount. The first entry will be at the full rate.

Q: How will the Parade of Homes be promoted?

A: The Summit County Builders Association will provide an extensive advertising and public relations campaign to promote the Parade of Homes. This may include local and front-range newspapers, upscale magazines, local and front-range radio & streaming TV. The website,, will feature all entries as well as general information about your company. Facebook & Instagram will also be used to market the Parade of Homes.

Q: What happens if circumstances beyond our control arise?

A: In the event circumstances beyond our control arise and we are unable to have things exactly as outlined with this schedule, the SCBA will be held harmless as it relates to this event.

Q: How can I enter the Parade of Homes?

A: Entrants can go online to to access and submit an online form. The registration checklist can be viewed here.

Q: What is the refund policy for entry fees?

A: If an Entrant withdraws between orientation and June 1st, they will receive a refund less a $500 fee. Entrants must contact the Committee in writing by June 1st if they do not think they will be finished for the Parade. After June 10th, the Entrant's page may remain in the Parade magazine.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for furnishing and accessorizing the home?

A: Entrants are required to furnish and accessorize their home; however, the minimum requirements include furnishing and accessorizing the kitchen, master suite, main living area/great room, and dining room. Exterior and interior completion requirements are also specified.

Q: What are the conditions for participating in the Parade of Homes?

A: Participation is subject to abiding by the rules and regulations established by the Parade Committee, as outlined in the agreement. Entries are accepted on a first-received basis due to space limitations. Homes must be newly constructed custom or spec single-family homes that have not previously been entered in the Parade, or a never-occupied model unit of a multi-family project or a major remodel project as determined by entry criteria developed by the Committee.

Q: What is the entry fee for the Parade of Homes?

A: SCBA Member Entrants must pay a $3,300 entry fee, while Non-member Entrants must pay $3,800. Full payment for the entry fee must be submitted within 2 days of submitting the entry form. A $500 discount will be applied if paid by the orientation on May 16th.

Q: What will be included in the Parade of Homes magazine?

A: Entrants will receive one full page dedicated to their home in the Parade of Homes magazine. The page can include a photo and/or rendering, a description of the home, and company logos for the entrant and sponsors per entrant’s discretion.

Q: How will judging be conducted?

A: Judging will take place on the day listed in Important Dates and Deadlines. The order of the homes the judges view will be provided to the Entrant no later than the Pick-Up Day. For there to be judging in a category, there must be at least two or more homes competing in that category.

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