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Week Ending 02/04/24

It's been another incredibly busy and productive week with the CIC program! Here's a recap of the progress made:

Theater Stage Progress:

With a determined effort led by Oakley and the volunteer trades, significant progress was made on the theater stage. This included completing stair framing and landings, as well as finishing walls, stair risers, and treads. Despite facing some challenges, such as needing to move the two-story stage set back approximately 10 feet as requested by the theatre director, the team rallied together. About 30 students joined forces to slide the structure to its new location, showcasing incredible teamwork and determination. Additionally, a redesign was done on the fly to ensure that the stage curtain would not interfere with the first set of steps. The stage set was successfully completed this week and handed over to the theater crew for decorating and painting. The scale of this structure is truly impressive and is the largest ever placed on this stage. Save the date for March 22, 23, and 24 to witness the grandeur of "Beauty & The Beast."

Tiny Home Construction Progress:

Progress on the tiny home construction continues to impress. All windows are in and taped, and the exterior is ready for siding and metal materials. The exterior finishes are in their final stages, thanks to the efforts of Tim Sabo and Allen Guerra. The installation of the metal standing seam roof panels has begun, with the goal of completion by the end of the week. Interior framing is also progressing well and is expected to be finished this week. Meetings were held with cabinet, appliance, and flooring vendors to review what will be needed for the project. Next up will be the plumber and electricians, with Team Lead Rick Fout lining them out to start shortly.

Upcoming School Break:

With the school break approaching from February 19th to February 24th, the team is looking forward to a well-deserved rest before returning to continue their impressive work. The dedication and talent of the volunteers and students involved in these projects are truly commendable, and the hands-on learning experiences provided are invaluable. Keep up the fantastic work!

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