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Week Ending 02/11/24

The progress on the theater stage and tiny home projects has been remarkable! Here's a detailed update:

Theater Stage Progress:

  • The stage set has been handed over to the Theater students for painting, marking a significant milestone in the project's development.

  • This week, there were requests for additional stage set scene accessories, such as walls, facades, and swing doors, keeping both students and volunteers busy with these intricate details.

Tiny Home Construction Progress:

  • The construction of the tiny home has seen significant progress, with the standing seam roof and interior framing nearing completion.

  • Plumbers and electricians were on-site, working on the details as the project progresses.

  • Exterior wood and metal siding will be ordered this week to be ready for installation when students return from winter break on Feb 26th.

Recognition and Achievements:

  • A representative from BOCEE's visited and commended the project's progress, stating that the Summit County Builders Association project has surpassed all other schools in progress. They were particularly impressed with the students' work and the number of trade volunteers involved in both the tiny home and stage set projects.

Upcoming Events:

  • This week includes a framing class with Heath Coffman on Wednesday and a class visit arranged by Carolanne Powers for Tamara Pogue, Summit County Commissioner, on Friday. (The County Commissioners donated $1,000 to the CIC program.)

  • Additionally, a $3,000 grant approval from the National Housing Endowment - Career Connections has been received to help reach out to students at job fairs and educational events for the Career in Construction program.

Farewell and Thank You:

  • Lane Mathison, one of the original SCBA volunteers, is moving to a new opportunity out of state. Lane played a crucial role in recruiting trade volunteers, teaching safety, electrical, roofing classes, and more. The team wishes Lane all the best in his new endeavor and extends a heartfelt thank you for his support and dedication to getting the program started.

The progress and achievements of these projects are a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved. Keep up the fantastic work!

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