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Week Ending 02/18/24

The final week before winter break was bustling with activity and achievement! Here's a recap of the highlights:

OSHA and Core Pack Completion: Classes dedicated their efforts to completing their OSHA and Core pack requirements for the CIC certificates, showcasing their commitment to safety and professionalism.

Skill Saw Training: Heath Coffman led an engaging training session with the Construction Tech 1 classes, focusing on the correct operation of a skill saw, providing students with valuable hands-on experience and knowledge.

Thank You Event: Oakley organized a heartfelt thank-you event on Friday for the student classes that worked on the stage set and tiny home, as well as for the dedicated volunteers who contributed their time and expertise.

Fun and Games: The Construction Tech 1 classes enjoyed a lively hour filled with burritos from Deli Belly, fun games, and a challenge to cut a 6-inch piece of wood without a tape measure. Each student was also presented with an SCBA hat, adding a touch of camaraderie to the festivities.

Grill Out: Meanwhile, Construction Tech 2 students and volunteers gathered for a grill out, savoring burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings, generously provided by the Careers in Construction program. Despite the 20-degree snowy weather, spirits were high as everyone enjoyed the gathering.

Project Updates: The stage set is nearly painted and looking impressive. On the tiny home front, the standing seam roof was completed, and exterior metal and wood siding are on order for installation when classes resume on February 26th. Plans for plumbing and electrical installations are also progressing well, with the aim to start these tasks in late February and early March respectively.

Future Plans: The completion of the tiny home this school semester marks a significant milestone. The home will be handed over to BOCES for sale/auction, with proceeds benefiting Summit High School's next project—a second tiny home, scheduled for the fall semester. Plans for this new endeavor are in their final stages and should be completed soon.

Volunteer Appreciation: It's worth noting the invaluable contributions of the solid core of 6 volunteers, many of whom own their own companies. Together, they have dedicated over 140 hours in the last 6 weeks to work alongside the students on the stage set and the tiny home. Their commitment and expertise, along with that of other volunteers and supporters, have been instrumental in the projects' success, enabling the students to exceed expectations and establish a reputation for building quality products at an accelerated pace.

Leadership and Dedication: None of this would be possible without the exceptional leadership of Oakley Van Oss and the enthusiastic participation of the students. Their dedication to these projects has not only showcased their skills but also fostered a sense of pride and accomplishment among the students, who eagerly anticipate the hands-on learning experiences these projects provide.

Overall, it was a remarkable week filled with progress, appreciation, and the spirit of collaboration. Congratulations to everyone involved for their hard work and dedication!

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