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Week Ending 03/01/24

This past week marked the return to school, with the stage set now completed. Art and theater students are diligently adding the finishing touches to paint and decorations.

Progress on the Tiny Home continues to impress. The team laid out the metal trim and began installing the metal board and batten around the base of the home. Additionally, we received pre-stained shiplap cedar siding from Specialty Woods Product, generously donated to the project.

As for the plumbing, the wall has been furred out, as the water lines will not be housed inside the 2 x 4 wall. Dominick is set to begin this week, putting in water lines and collaborating with the students. In terms of electrical work, Team Lead Rick Fout has received clarification on the requirements and should be ready to start laying out the electrical work in the second week of March.

Overall, the Tiny Home project remains on schedule to be completed by the end of the school year.

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