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Week Ending 03/09/24

Great progress was made on the exterior finishes this week, thanks to cooperative weather and the students' hard work. We came close to completing the exterior finishes and hope to wrap them up next week. Despite raw, cold, and windy weather on Friday, the students remained undeterred, learning how to install shiplap and metal siding. They worked so efficiently that the guys couldn't keep up with them, and Heath has them hustling.

Plumber Dominick made significant strides, starting to lay out and drill waste pipes in the floor. He also showed the students how to space a kitchen layout and installed the shower valve, in addition to laying out bathroom fixtures, getting ready to start running water lines next week. Electrician Joe is on-site, working on an electrical layout and hoping to start this week.

Classes will be held this week on Monday and Wednesday at 11:40 am, as schools will be out on Friday and the following Monday. Please note that Val has set up the SCBA Website with the CIC program and the weekly status, with pictures. Special thanks to Elizabeth McBurney and Val for making that happen. If you want to update someone on the program's progress, refer them to, click on events and programs, then CIC.

If you have some time, please stop by the school and check out the progress. ~ Paul

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