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Week Ending 03/24/24

It's been an eventful week for the CIC program! We finished the exterior of the Tiny Home, and the High School Spring play, Beauty and the Beast, was a great success. The students built an epic stage set for the play, with the help of volunteers. I hope you were able to attend the performance!

Oakley played a crucial role in getting the CIC volunteers and sponsors recognized in the musical's program, with assistance from Sydney from CICC Colorado Springs in laying out the program. We held a pre-Mocktail party in the Construction Tech shop to thank all the volunteers who helped work on the stage set and Tiny Home, followed by a fantastic performance of the play. The cast, ranging from elementary to high school students, put on quite an elaborate show, and the opening night attendance filled the auditorium to capacity (which I was told holds 570).

On the interior of the Tiny Home, we are nearing completion of the plumbing, and Dominick is aiming to go for inspection this week. Electrician Joe Ratliff will start installing the electrical service this Wednesday. Rick Fout has the plumbing plans ready for the inspector and the electrical plan prepared. We have selected a Mitsubishi dual unit Mini Split for heating and A/C, with thanks to Blake Nudell from Travis Construction for arranging a volunteer to work with the students to install the system.

As mentioned before, we plan to have the unit completed by the end of the school term, and as of now, we are on schedule. If anyone would like to help or knows someone who would like to volunteer their time to work with the students, please ask them to reach out. We have a great crew of volunteers who are multi-talented in the trades.

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