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Week ending 12/24/23

Hope everyone had a good Holiday season

Wanted to update all on the status of the CIC program for the second semester.

This semester there is a lot to accomplish. It seems that there were some personnel changes with the theater/play teachers, and a new stage set was requested last week with Oakley to build it with his Construction Tech classes. The play is Beauty and the Beast, with students from the high school, middle school, and elementary school participating. The stage set is rather elaborate and will require some assistance. Mike Shult is drawing up the construction stage plans now, and we hope to start this week on the framing.

Also, we are starting phase 2 on the Tiny Home. Currently, team lead Rick Fout is working with the trade volunteers on the plumbing and electrical plans. Heath Coffman and volunteers will start on the interior framing this week. We are working towards completing the Tiny Home this school year and being ready to start a new home next school year.

Lane is working with Oakley to put some classes together for this semester. We will advise when we have the lineup finalized.

We will be reaching out to set up a call for all committee members and get our monthly virtual meeting started for February.

We need to start our internship program. If any of you would like to offer an internship this summer, please reach out to Val for the specifics.

I want to thank all of you for the volunteer time to the program. If you have some time, I would encourage you to attend a class or two and see how the program is progressing.

Some pictures of the Tiny Home taken at the Holiday break, roof dried in, and house windows wrapped up.

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