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Weekly Status 8/27/23

We're off to an excellent start this week with our first class instruction for the Fall Semester for year 2 of the Careers in Construction program.

Lane Mathison and Kevin Stelling led safety classes and provided hands-on safety instruction to the Construction Technology 2 class on how to properly operate a skill saw and use a saw table. Oakley worked alongside them, guiding the students in building a lumber storage bin based on a design provided by Nick Black at the Breckenridge Building Center (BBC). The class was divided into three groups, rotating between the instructors. Please see the great pictures below. Thank you, Lane and Kevin, for your excellent work!

This year, there are three classes scheduled as follows:

  • 7:45 to 9:09: Construction Technology 1 - Dual Language

  • 9:13 to 10:36: Construction Technology 1

  • 11:14 to 12:37: Construction Technology 2

The first two classes are for students who are new to the program and are interested in learning about the trades. The Construction Technology 2 class is for students who have more hands-on experience. These classes can be further split as the Construction Technology 2 class is more advanced.

The class schedule is listed below. Lane and Peter have been working with individuals interested in providing classroom instruction and have compiled the list below. So, if you are interested or know of someone who might be, please reach out to Lane or Peter.

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